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Packing & Moving

Soguifret moving services is a moving services you can trust which is why we receive only praise from our customer. It doesn’t matter if your just moving across town across the country or overseas, you can rest assured that with Soguifret, your belongings will be taken care of. We have a history of successful relocations, and we continue to build on that history with every client we serve. With decades of experience, Soguifret has become the mover of preference to many institution such as the US Embassy, Peace Corps USAID . With a personal touch, a dedication to customer service, and expert knowledge of the moving industry, we provide our clients with one of the best moving services in the country


Effective transport and logistics are essential for businesses to operate smoothly and efficiently. It requires careful planning, organization, and management to ensure that goods are delivered on time and at the right place. At Soguifret,  puts its customers’ needs first, Our team has excellent knowledge of the country this allows us to ensures smooth and timely delivery of goods, and maintains high standards of safety and quality.

Freight Forwarding

Soguifret has been forwarding freight since 1989, this mean that we have over 20 years of experience in the field. We are also members of organisation that gives us global access; these are the Universal freight Organisation (UFO) which is represented in 120 countries and the international Association of Movers (IAM) which is represented in over 170 countries.
Being member of IAM allows us to work with many american moving companies, like NEDRAC, American VANPAC, Logenix International, Covan International and many others. it allows us also to have certified crates with Jax Box-USA

Simply Amazing

The gentlemen were professional, thorough and enjoyable to work with
Aaron Smith
US Embassy Guinea Conakry